Meike Burow – University of Copenhagen

Meike Burow

Regulatory Networks and Interactomics

Plants handle environmental perturbation with the help of complex and intricate regulatory networks interconnected through the RNA, protein, and metabolites. To fully understand how plants integrate internal and external signaling cues to mount responses, we study transcriptional regulation (DNA methylation, transcription factor complexes, protein-DNA interactions), post-transcriptional regulation (long regulatory RNAs, microRNA processing), and post-translational regulation (protein modification, protein stability, protein-protein interactions, metabolite sensing), and how all of these levels of control are coordinated to produce a specific phenotype.

Associate Professor Meike Burow is co-founder and board member of DynaMo Center and heads the Regulation subgroup.


Group members

  • Cristina Rioja, Postdoc
  • Verena Jeschke, Postdoc
  • Peter Vig Millard, PhD student
  • Konrad Weber, Phd student
  • Emma Aller, Phd student
  • Michael Bak, MSc student
  • Marie-Louise Fobian Thomsen, MSc student 
  • Henriette Jepsen, Laboratory technician