Mission and Vision for DynaMo Center


The mission of DynaMo Center is to be an internationally leading research center linking cellular and organismal biology. Through synergistic research activities DynaMo uses the glucosinolate defense compounds within the plant Arabidopsis thaliana as a unique model system to advance knowledge on dynamic molecular interactions that result in assembly of supramolecular complexes of DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites facilitating a diversity of biological tasks in multi-cellular organisms.

We also see DynaMo Center as the training ground for a next generation of young scientists within the field of systems and cell biology to be trained in holistic thinking and forefront technologies in a creative and dynamic research environment.


Our vision is to discover universal principles underlying the higher order of structure in biology which enables a multicellular organism to function and to respond to the environment.

We believe that our unique model system combined with the expertises within DynaMo have potential for unravelling universal mechanisms and obtaining real scientific breakthroughs.