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DynaMo Partners

DynaMo Center is initiated by the four Center Partners who constitue the DynaMo  Board. Their combination of complementary expertise allows DynaMo Center to ask basic biological questions which cannot be addressed without a coordinated, interdisciplinary effort.

Professor Barbara Halkier

Professor Barbara Ann Halkier (Head of Center), University of Copenhagen.


Barbara Ann Halkier is Professor in Molecular Plant Biology. She has a strong track record of scientific excellence within the field of plant biology, with special focus on secondary metabolites. She has a worldleading position within glucosinolate research, including biosynthesis, regulation, transport and engineering.


Contact information, list of publications and CV

Associate Professor Meike Burow

Associate Professor Meike Burow (Center Deputy), University of Copenhagen.


Meike Burow's research spans protein biochemistry, protein-protein interaction studies, regulatory networks and RNA-mediated regulation. Her current projects exploit the well-studied biosynthetic pathway to glucosinolates as model system for studying complex regulatory mechanisms and their genetic bases in plants.


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Professor Alexander Schulz

Professor Alexander Schulz, University of Copenhagen.


Alexander Schulz is Head of Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB). He is a pioneering user of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy and an expert in plant cell communication and cell-to-cell transport. His current research includes development of live cell imaging methods, such as photoactivation, immunolocalisation and super resolution.


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Professor Daniel Kliebenstein

Professor Daniel Kliebenstein, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California Davis.


Daniel Kliebenstein is Head of Kliebenstein Lab at UC Davis. He has a very impressive track record in quantitative genetics and systems biology. His studies include large-scale analysis of transcriptomic and metabolomic datasets to understand transcriptional regulatory network interactions.


Contact information, list of publications and CV.