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DynaMo MS-Analytics Facility

At the DynaMo Center two state-of-the-art LC-MS instruments are available: a high performance Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for targeted analysis of small metabolites and a Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer for untargeted metabolomics approaches. Our analytical facility enables us to analyze samples both with high sensitivity and high accuracy with a total sample throughput of >40000 samples per year. The instruments are available for researchers at DynaMo and the Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences and for research collaborators.


Bruker EVOQ-Elite Triple Quadrupole

1. Bruker EVOQ-Elite Triple Quadrupole coupled with a Bruker Advance UHPLC with OLE

Our state-of-the-art Triple Quadrupole (TQ) instrument allows for accurate quantification in a large dynamic range with detection limits for many compounds in the low nmolar range. Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) facilitates detection and quantification of a large numbers of different compounds within short LC runs (4-10min) with high precision. We have currently developed a range of methods allowing for quantification of a variety of compounds (see list to the right for details). In addition we are establishing Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) methods for targeted proteomics in different organisms.

Bruker Compact micrOTOF-Q

2. Bruker Compact micrOTOF-Q coupled with a Dionex Ultimate 3000RS UHPLC

Our Time-of-flight instrument allows for determination of the accurate mass and facilitates identification of new compounds. The instrument is used for screening and metabolomics analysis of plant and microbial extracts. The Q-TOF is coupled to a high performance UHPLC providing separation of analytes before they enter the mass spectrometer.


with data acquired on instruments of the DynaMo MS-Analytics Facility:


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