Research facilities and technologies at DynaMo


DynaMo MS-Analytics Facility

The DynaMo Center has two state-of-the-art LC-MS instruments for analysis of small molecules and peptides: a high performance Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for targeted analytics and a Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer and untargeted metabolomics approaches. The instruments are available for researchers at DynaMo and the Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences and for research collaborators.



  • Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB)

    With DynaMo partner Professor Alexander Schulz being Head of CAB, DynaMo Center has direct access to a state–of-the-art bioimaging core facility with front-edge confocal laser scanning microscopes and super-resolution microscopes, unique for Denmark.





    • Copenhagen Plant Science Center

      As University of Copenhagen has given top priority to research and education within the fields of plant biology and plant biotechnology new Plant Science buildings are scheduled to be completed in 2016. DynaMo will be part of the Copenhagen Plant Science Center and gain access to brand new laboratories and teaching facilities once completed.



    • Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN)

      DynaMo Center shares facilities with the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences which is well equipped for the research undertaken at DynaMo. This includes facilities within nano-biotechnology, metabolite profiling, protein biochemistry, molecular genetics as well as plant growth facilities and climate chambers.