Do your student project at DynaMo!

We are seeking highly motivated and engaged students to do their thesis work within cellular and organismal biology at DynaMo Center. Both Danish and foreign students are encouraged to apply.

At DynaMo Center we offer you an active and international study environment including weekly group meetings and access to our international seminar series with invited speakers leading in their field. In return we expect that you display your full potential through strong drive and discipline throughout the research project. You will be an integrated part of the center.

Below can find some available projects, but you are also welcome to present us your own ideas. The proposed projects are made by center researchers and are issues and challenges to which we are looking for answers and for students to help finding them.

We welcome applications for MSc projects, BSc projects and from interns from abroad.

Student projects at DynaMo Center

We are currently looking for candidates to the following projects:

Synthetic biology for production of health-promoting compounds in microbial cell factories
 Professor Barbara Ann Halkier, co-supervisor: PhD student Michal Poborsky (

Synthetic biology to build yeast cell factory producing health-promoting glucosinolates 
Supervisor: Barbara Ann Halkier, William Thomas Wajn

Beneficial microbiome(s) towards the future of sustainable agriculture
Supervisor: Barbara Ann Halkier, Deyang Xu

Looking for novel Sieve Element specific genes using bioimaging
Supervisor: Alexander Schulz, Niels Christian Sanden

Transporter engineering to prevent toxins in seeds using Crispr technology
Supervisor: Barbara Ann Halkier, Deyang Xu

CRISPR/Cas9 technology to develop plant-based protein for human consumption
Supervisor: Barbara Ann Halkier, Deyang Xu

Decoding of the chemical language of plants
Barbara Ann Halkier, Deyang Xu

Understanding the transport mechanism of the NPF family
Supervisor: Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin

Phytohormone transport in plants
Supervisor: Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin

Transport Engineering in Microalgae
Hussam Hassan Nour-Eldin