Svend Roesen Madsen receives Science Business Prize for Young Researchers 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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01 June 2017

Svend Roesen Madsen receives Science Business Prize for Young Researchers 2017

Bridging university and industry

DynaMo Industrial postdoc Svend Roesen Madsen acknowledged for his work against antibiotic resistance. He received the Science Business Prize for Young Researchers 2017 for conducting research in commercial contexts while inspiring others.

2017 SCIENCE Business Prize awardee Svend Roesen Madsen from DynaMo Center (no 2 from left) at the prize ceremony

Fight against antibiotic resistance

Svend Roesen Madsen is being awarded the Science Business Prize for Young Researchers 2017 for working on solutions for the major problem of antibiotic resistance.

In its decision, the external assessment committee writes: “Svend Roesen Madsen has distinguished himself with regards to strong collaboration with industry and his tremendous commitment to inspire students towards industrial collaboration with small businesses, thereby bridging a gap between his field of study and relevant companies.”

Commenting on his Prize, Svend says,

"Antibiotic resistance is an enormous and accelerating problem across the globe, a problem that threatens our ability to treat even simple infections. As an industrial postdoc, I work together with Fermentationexperts AS, an innovative company that produces lactic acid fermented feed products. This collaborative work has led to the optimization and a new understanding of products that can reduce – and in some cases completely eliminate – the use of antibiotics by farmers.  I am extremely proud to receive this award. Not least, because it puts the focus on the fight against antibiotics resistance. I am also pleased to be able to influence the addition of lactic acid fermented plants/vegetables in the diets of people – it is not just for animal health."

Prizes to three entrepreneurial-minded researchers at UCPH

This year’s SCIENCE Business Prize for Young Researchers is shared by two recipients as Svend Roesen Madsen shares the prize with Assistant Professor Mads Fiil Hjorth from the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports. Each will receive 37,500 kroner towards their continued work. By coincidence, the two awardees are old high school pals from Skive, Jutland.

This year’s main award for the 2017 SCIENCE Business Prize went to Associate Professor Søren Stobbe of the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen.

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