9 July 2018

Localization of the glucosinolate biosynthetic enzymes

Nintemann, S; Hunziker, P; Andersen, TG; Schulz, A; Burow, M; Halkier, BA (2018), Physiologia Plantarum 163: 138–154.

Arabidopsis thaliana produces two major groups of glucosinolates - indole and aliphatic – with distinct biological functions. Although the biosynthetic genes are known, it has remained elusive where glucosinolates are produced in the plant.

Analysis of the spatial distribution of fluorophore‐tagged enzymes, show that key steps in the biosynthesis of the different types of glucosinolates are localized in distinct cells in separate as well as overlapping vascular tissues. The biosynthesis of glucosinolate in parenchyma cells defines a new role for vascular parenchyma cells whose primary role may be to provide defense.

Fig. by Sebastian Nintemann