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20 September 2016

Congratulations Christian!

DynaMo master student Christian Arentz Sørensen has just obtained the MSc degree in Biology-Biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen.

Christian's master project focused on increasing the frequency of heterologous DNA integration through homologous recombination in the green algae C. reinhardtii.

Algae for a green sustainable economy

Christian expects microalgae to become one of the most important groups of organisms in the transition to a green sustainable economy.

Algae have a large range of benefits that make them interesting for the production of valuable compounds such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and they are able to grow in environments that are hostile to most industrialized crops.

However, a main disadvantage faced when setting up production of heterologous compounds in C. reinhardtii is the inability to perform precise gene targeting in the organism.

Christian's Master project seeked strategies to solve this challenge. And today, he succesfully defended his MSc thesis with great confidence in front of family, friends and colleagues and has thereby obtained the MSc degree.

Congratulations Christian!