2 September 2020

Congratulations Karsten!

MSc Grade

On Thursday 27 August, DynaMo master student Karsten Wiberg Andersen successfully defended his MSc thesis in Biology-Biotechnology in front of friends and colleagues.

The title of Karsten's thesis is 'New insights into the relation between the glucosinolate transcription factors and the ROS related SRO family in Arabidopsis thaliana'

Karsten with supervisor Henrik Frisenvang og Meike BurowKarsten with his supervisors PhD student Henrik Frisenvang and Professor Meike Burow.

In his MSc project, Karsten focused on the relation between glucosinolates (GLS) and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) at the protein and transcriptional level. GLS are important plant defense compounds in plants of the order of Brassicales while ROS is a ubiquitously occurring central cellular signal, which reflects the current status of the cell. The coordination of these processes is important for the plant’s response to its environment. Karsten found that GLS and ROS regulating proteins was highly connected at the protein level, and interactions were shown to take place in a domain, which to our knowledge, is so far undescribed for protein-protein interactions. Along with co-expression analyses of GLS mutants showing ROS phenotypes, his findings contribute to a growing body of evidence for the GLS TFs being associated with ROS signaling.