8 April 2021

Congratulations Noël!

MSc Graduation

On April 8th, Noël Jung defended his MSc thesis in Biology-Biotechnology on a project within the DynaMo research on identification of the glucosinolate transporter complement.

Glucosinolates are plant specialized metabolites occurring in members of the Brassicales order and are associated with the plant defense. They are stored in distinct cells in the leaves and the stem and are also abundant in the mature seeds. Biosynthesis, transport and the storage of these compounds have long been studied intensively in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Towards our goal to identify the glucosinolate transporter complement, we have to date identified two glucosinolate importers, which are essential for seed accumulation, in intra- and interleaf distribution and for exudation into the rhizosphere, where glucosinolates play important role in shaping the microbial community in the rhizosphere.

Noël Jung during examinationNoël Jung during his MSc examination on ZOOM

Noël Jung has worked on identification of new candidate glucosinolate transporters by various methods and using multiple heterologous hosts such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli. In parallel, candidate transporters were validated in planta using loss-of-function transporter mutants.

Noël’s thesis work has contributed to advance our knowledge about how glucosinolates are translocated from production site to storage site. However, further studies are required to conclusively demonstrate that the candidate transporters are glucosinolate transporters.

Noël Jung did his bachelor in molecular biotechnology at the Technical University Munich, Germany before starting his master in biology-biotechnology at University of Copenhagen. Noël was supervised by Head of DynaMo Center Professor Barbara Ann Halkier and Assistant Professor Deyang Xu. Noël will continue at the DynaMo center as research assistant.

Congratulations Noël!