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16 August 2012

Welcome to Deyang!

Deyang Xu new postdoc at DynaMo

Deyang Xu

Postdoc Deyang Xu

On 15 August 2012 Deyang Xu started as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at DynaMo.

Deyang obtained his PhD degree in the lab of Professor Hai Huang, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in July this year. His PhD thesis is within Molecular Genetics and is entitled ‘Elongator complex is critical for cell cycle progression and leaf patterning in Arabidopsis’. Deyang’s doctoral research mainly focused on the mechanisms of leaf polarity establishment at the cellular and molecular level. Deyang has a solid biotechnological background, ranging from molecular genetics to cell biology and biochemistry, including experience with fundamental bioinformatics analysis.

Deyang is a native of the Anhui province in China. He obtained his bachelor degree in Seed Science and Engineering at Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, Shaanxi, before moving to Shanghai in 2007.

As a postdoc Deyang will be engaged in several of the DynaMo projects.


Xue Xiong1, Deyang Xu1, Hai Huang, Xiaofeng Cui. A single amino-acid substitution at lysine 40 of an Arabidopsis alpha-tubulin causes extensive cell proliferation and expansion defects. (Co-author), under revision.

Deyang Xu, Weihua Huang, Yang Li, Hua Wang, Hai Huang, Xiaofeng Cui.(2011) Elongator complex is critical for cell cycle progression and leaf patterning in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 2012 Mar;69(5):792-808. Download

Wang L, Gu X, Xu D, Wang W, Wang H, Zeng M, Chang Z, Huang H, Cui X. (2011) miR396-targeted AtGRF transcription factors are required for coordination of Arabidopsis. J Exp Bot. 2011 Jan;62(2):761-73. Download