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19 October 2012

Welcome to Frederikke!

Frederikke giving a presentation about future research ideas to the DynaMo group.

Frederikke Gro Malinovsky new postdoc at DynaMo

Frederikke Gro Malinovsky obtained her PhD degree in the laboratory of John Mundy, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen in 2009. Her PhD research was on programmed cell death and immunity and focused on a large scale screen for suppressors of accelerated cell death 11 (acd11), a mutant compromised in the hypersensitive response. Her work included every step, from the initial phases of mutagenesis, complementation group sorting, to map based cloning and characterization of one mutant, laz1.

In the summer of 2009 Frederikke moved to the UK to commence her postdoctoral research with Cyril Zipfel at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich. This work aimed at improving the understanding of the plant innate immune system by identifying novel signaling components of pathogen associated molecular pattern (PAMP) perception and signaling. The initial focus of her postdoc was to characterize and map 64 elf18-insensitive (elfin) mutants. This part was completed within the first a year, and lead to the identification of two novel ELFIN genes involved in endoplasmic reticulum-based protein quality control (ER-QC). She then continued the characterization of a novel bHLH transcription factor, HNY, which acts as a negative regulator of PAMP- triggered immunity.

From 15 October 2012 Frederikke is back at the University of Copenhagen to undertake a three-year postdoc position at DynaMo Center of Excellence. Frederikke comes with a strong background in Arabidopsis genetics, molecular biology, and plant pathogen interactions, and we are very happy to welcome her here at DynaMo.