Congratulations Lea! – University of Copenhagen

07 March 2014

Congratulations Lea!

The new PhD together with the three members of her PhD Assessment Committee. From left to right: Franziska Turck, José Jiménez-Gómez, Lea Møller Jensen and Frederik Rook

Today Lea Møller Jensen from DynaMo succesfully defended her PhD Thesis and obtained the PhD degree. Lea did her convincing presentation in front of an auditorium full of colleagues, family and friends.

The title of Lea's thesis is 'A regulatory RNA inducing transgenerationally inherited phenotypes - Studies on natural variation in glucosinolate profiles and flowering time'. Lea's thesis shines light on a mechanistic link between accumulation of glucosinolate and onset of flowering and how it varies among different accessions of the plant Arabidopsis Thaliana.

Upon graduation Lea will continue at DynaMo as a postdoctoral researcher.

Congratulations Lea!