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29 June 2015

Goodbye to DynaMo postdoc Lea Møller Jensen

Moving on

DynaMo postdoc Lea Møller Jensen will be leaving DynaMo Center by the end of the month to commence a research position at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen on 1 August 2015.

Carlsberg Laboratory is an internationally renowned research institution housing a broad range of natural science disciplines including chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and molecular biology. The research focus is on the topics barley, yeast, ingredients and brewing technology.

At Carlsberg Laboratory Lea will continue as a postdoc concentrating on barley, which gives an opportunity to transfer her solid knowledge on plant molecular genetics from work on the model plant Arabidopsis to another plant species.

Lea Møller Jensen giving a presentation on her latest research progress at a DynaMo Group Meeting

Lea did both her MSc and PhD theses at the University of Copenhagen under the supervision of DynaMo Partner Meike Burow and Head of DynaMo Barbara Ann Halkier. Lea holds an MSc degree in Biology-Biotechnology from 2010 and in February 2014 she successfully defended her PhD thesis.

In her research Lea has investigated the regulatory function of a biosynthetic gene as well as the cross-talk between glucosinolate profiles and flowering time. She has studied the impact of natural variation among Arabidopsis accessions and used this to expand the knowledge on regulatory networks controlling glucosinolate profiles.

Upon PhD graduation, Lea continued at DynaMo Center as a postdoctoral researcher and besides continuing the work from her PhD thesis, she engaged in projects on for instance the epigenetic regulation of glucosinolate accumulation.

We wish you all the best with your future career, Lea!