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03 June 2015

Lea Gram Hansen new PhD student at DynaMo


On 1 May 2015 Lea Gram Hansen commenced as a PhD Student at DynaMo Center.

Lea Gram Hansen, new PhD at DynaMo Center

Lea Gram Hansen completed her MSc degree in Biology-Biotechnology in January this year. She is not new to DynaMo as she conducted her MSc project at the center as part of the engineering sub-group. Lea was awarded one of the prestigious Novo Scholarship to carry out her MSc project, which is part of a larger project aiming at production of the natural compound glucoraphanin in a microbial cell factory. Lea’s MSc thesis elucidates some of the challenges this process encompasses.  

Lea's PhD project

As a PhD student Lea will continue to be part of the engineering sub-group. Her PhD project will focus on disclosing the regulation of the methionine chain elongation when a plant produces aliphatic glucosinolates. Her main target of interest is the enzyme MAM (methylthioalkylmalate synthase) which catalyzes the committed step in methionine chain elongation. Her work will include structure-functional analysis of MAMs, protein interactions in chain elongation and metabolic engineering of Arabidopsis for glucoraphanin production.

Her supervisor is Head of DynaMo Center Professor Barbara Ann Halkier.

Welcome Lea!