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05 October 2012

Congratulations Maria Elena!

Maria Elena during her PhD defense which took place on 5 Oct 2012


Today María Elena González Romero from DynaMo succesfully defended her PhD Thesis and obtained the PhD degree.

The title of Maria Elena's thesis is 'Towards sustainable potato production using biotechnology'. Her PhD project is part of a larger project carried out as a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and two Peruvian partners International Potato Centre, Lima and Pontificia Universidad Católica, Peru.The overall aim of the project is to take a biotechnological approach to increase potato yield by improving pest and disease resistance by metabolic engineering of natural biopesticides in the form of glucosinolates into potato.

Maria Elena's thesis is comprised of three articles where the first steps into the establishment of the mustard bomb in potato are detailed.

Maria Elena's PhD Supervisor is Head of DynaMo Professor Barbara Ann Halkier

Congratulations Maria Elena!