15 August 2018

Welcome Parvathy - new postdoc at DynaMo


Parvathy Krishnan commenced as postdoc at DynaMo Center in August 2018. Parvathy will study the complex regulation of glucosinolate metabolism during Botrytis cinerea- Arabidopsis thaliana interactions.

Parvathy holds a BSc in Agriculture and a Master of Science in Biotechnology, both from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. In 2013, she commenced her PhD in the plant pathology group at D-USYS, ETH Zürich in Switzerland, as an ESKAS fellow. During her PhD, she studied the significance of gene expression regulation in environmental and host adaptation of a wheat pathogen, Zymoseptoria tritici. Using a combination of genomic and molecular biology tools, she dissected out the genetic bases of variability on melanin accumulation in Z. tritici strains.

As a postdoc at the DynaMo Center, Parvathy will address how intra-specific variability in a fungal plant pathogen modulates transcriptional variability and affects metabolite accumulation in the host, using Botrytis cinereaArabidodpsis thaliana pathosystem and by measuring glucosinolate levels. Deciphering the complex bi-directional interactions in the holobiont, Parvathy aims to identify and validate candidate genes unique/conserved in B. cinerea strains that regulate glucosinolate levels in A. thaliana. This study further enables the discovery of novel genes involved in glucosinolate metabolism in plants.

Parvathy will be working together with DynaMo partners Professor Daniel Kliebenstein and Associate Professor Meike Burow.

Welcome Parvathy!