Support staff hired at DynaMo – University of Copenhagen

12 April 2012

Support staff hired at DynaMo

DynaMo support staff

Kenneth Bendix Jensen, Bente Faurby, Henriette Kehlet Jepsen & Kimbery von Wettstein constitute the DynaMo support staff.

DynaMo now has four support staff:

Kenneth Bendix Jensen

Kenneth started as technical expert at DynaMo on 1 March 2012. He is responsible for running the IPB mass spectrometry and chromatography unit, this includes development of methodology, analysis of samples as well as maintenance of mass spectrometric and chromatography equipment. Kenneth holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Southern Denmark.

Bente Faurby

Bente started as the DynaMo center manager on 20 February 2012. She is in charge of the administration of the Center, her main tasks being coordination of center activities, funding management, budgets and reporting, recruitment, support to Head of Center and Center Board, liaison with Danish National Research Foundation and university administration, event planning, internal and external communication as well as web development and web editing.

Henriette Kehlet Jepsen

Henriette has worked together with Barbara Halkier and her research group as a laboratory technician since 2009. She is very experienced in working with Arabidopsis thaliana and has now joined the DynaMo Center where she will work closely together with the researchers in the laboratories. Currently one of her main tasks is to elucidate regulatory mechanisms of glucosinolate biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Kimbery von Wettstein

Kim is laboratory technician trainee. She will do the remaining part of her of training in the DynaMo labs where she uses a broad range of techniques including different cloning methods and yeast-two-hybrid screens as well as phenotypic and transcript analyses of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants. Kim is also a trained photographer and holds a BSc in Biology.