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27 November 2012

Congratulations Tonni!

The newly-crowned PhD flanked by the members of his PhD Committee. From Left to right: Dr. Niko Geldner, Dr. Tonni Grube Andersen, Dr. Michael Broberg Palmgren and Dr. Harro Bouwmeester.

Today Tonni Grube Andersen from DynaMo succesfully defended his PhD Thesis and obtained the PhD degree. Tonni did his presentation in front of a full auditorium.

The title of Tonni's thesis is 'Novel molecular tools for crop development and synthesis of natural products: Understanding glucosinolate based defenses in cruciferous plants'. His thesis shines light on the molecular mechanisms underlying organization of the defense compounds glucosinolates in Brassicales crops by looking at biosynthesis as well as long-distance transport issues. His results might enable optimization of natural defenses in crop plants.

Tonni's PhD Supervisor is Head of DynaMo Professor Barbara Ann Halkier. Co-supervisor is Associate Professor Meike Burow, also from DynaMo.

The defense was followed by a lively reception.

Congratulations Tonni!