10 March 2020

Welcome to Carmina - new postdoc at DynaMo!

Carmina holds a BSc in Biology from University of Lisbon, Portugal and a Master of Science in Agrobiology from Aarhus University, Denmark. In 2016, she commenced her PhD at the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University. During her PhD, she studied inter-plant communication through fungal networks connecting neighbouring plants underground. Carmina’s research has shown that when faced with an aphid or fungal pathogen attack, the attacked plant sends messages to its neighbouring plants, allowing these to start defending themselves before the threat reaches them.

As a postdoc at the DynaMo Center, Carmina will address how microbiome recruitment is driven by the relationships between microbes themselves and how to exploit this towards identifying universal functional microbiomes.

Carmina aims to identify processes and signals that drive microbiome recruitment using the model plant A.thaliana and further translate that into an application towards crop plants and precision agriculture.

Carmina will be working together with Head of DynaMo Professor Barbara Ann Halkier and and Assistant Professor Deyang Xu.

Welcome Carmina!