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20 April 2016

Welcome to Nikolai Wulff - new PhD student in plant hormone transport


Nikolai Wulff commenced as a PhD student at DynaMo Center in April 2016 in order to undertake research on hormone transport in plants.

Nikolai Wulff holds a BSc and an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen. Since April 2016 he is a PhD student at DynaMo Center.

From disordered proteins to transport proteins

During his master's programme Nikolai specialized in protein chemistry, and the primary work of his master’s thesis involved the dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins.

At DynaMo Nikolai will be studying transport proteins in plants. As a PhD student he will mainly work on a project funded by Human Frontiers Science Program entitled  'Hormone delivery in plants: mechanisms and physiological roles of gibberellic acid transporters'. The project is headed by DynaMo member Associate Professor Hussam Hour-Eldin, who is also Nikolai's PhD supervisor.

Fascinating complexity

Nikolai is ready for a new challenge within the field of protein science.

Nikolai explains,

"I will be way out of my comfort zone in a project like this. Nevertheless, I applied for the position, as I find it extremely interesting. It fascinates me how complex signaling stimuli and plant hormones are."

Welcome Nikolai!