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14 December 2017

DynaMo research nominated Best Danish Research 2017


Each year the Danish science portal videnskab.dk shortlists 10 important Danish research results of the year and asks its readers to chose the best. This year research from DynaMo is nominated among top 10.

Earlier this year, the scientific society appreciated DynaMo researchers' work towards a new robust mustard plant (Brassica Juncea) that may outcompete oilseed rape as a common oil crop - a collaboration with Bayer CropScience - and the research became cover story of Nature Biotechnology.

Now, this research is nominated by the Danish science portal Videnskab.dk as Best Danish Research 2017 and it is up to its readers and everybody else to decide if the results are also valued by the general population.

Read more at videnskab.dk (in Danish) and vote for us here (no 3 on the list)

Deadline for voting is 2 January 2018.