4 December 2020

Inaugural lecture Professor Meike Burow

On Friday 4 Dec. Professor and DynaMo partner Meike Burow held her inaugural lecture as Professor in Metabolic and Regulatory Networks in front of a full lecture hall and with participants on ZOOM from all over the world.

The title of the lecture was 'Structure-function relations in plant metabolism and development'.

Meike Burow

Plant scientist Meike Burow is co-founder and partner at DynaMo Center since the beginning in 2012, where she became Associate Professor and Head of the research group for Regulatory Networks and Interactomics.

As Professor, Meike Burow’s research will investigate the regulatory networks and molecular mechanisms, which control the dynamics of plant metabolism during development and in response to environmental signals. Topics in this research area will be approached with a combination of molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, analytical chemistry and mathematical modeling.

Congratulations Meike!

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