Welcome to Yunjia! – University of Copenhagen

12 June 2012

Welcome to Yunjia!

Yunjia Tang at DynaMo

Yunjia Tang presenting her research to the DynaMo Group on 11 June 2012.

Yunjia Tang new Postdoc at DynaMo

On 1 June 2012 Yunjia Tang joined DynaMo as a Postdoc fellow.

Yunjia has a BSc in Biology and Biotechnology from Beijing Normal University, China, and a MSc in Aquaculture from University of Nordland, Norway. Yunjia   received her PhD degree from University of Tromsø, Norway, on a project named Molecular characteristics of the Naegleria GIR1 branching ribozyme. The aim of this work was to find and characterize variants of a new class of ribozymes, the GIR1 branching ribozyme. This ribozyme forms a tiny lariat at the 5’ end of an mRNA and substitute for a conventional cap. Yunjia is skilled in all of the general methods in RNA biology and molecular biology.

At DynaMo Yunjia will work on projects finding the molecular targets for RNA-mediated regulation and metabolite sensing.