The DynaMo Center is anchored within plant biology. We investigate dynamic processes at the molecular level in multicellular organisms with the aim to uncover universal principles behind them.

Ultimately, we envision to uncover how higher order of structure in biology enables a multicellular organism to function, and to sense and dynamically respond to the environment. To reach this aim our research program combines complementary approaches within molecular and synthetic biology, advanced bioimaging, biochemistry, transport biology, transport engineering, cell biology and systems biology.

As model system we use the plant Arabidopsis thaliana and its primary defense compounds, glucosinolates; a unique systems biology model given its extensive bioinformatic and genomic tools. To further broaden our view, we expand our research to other model organisms and pathways in a range of basic and applied projects that include yeast, E.coli, tobacco, algae and rape.

At DynaMo Center we are working on the following projects: